Tony Massarutto



TMO PRODUCTIONS is one of the Structures headed by Tony Massarutto. It takes care of high quality recording realisations created for the international market.

This regard, TMO, enjoing special relationship with the best producers, musicians, sound engeneers connected with the most important recording studios worldwide,is able to take care of the artist in every step, coordinating any kind of creative work until the final destination.

Moreover TMO, having good links with marketing and public relations Companies all over the world, allows the artist to enter into the international musical scene with all the ingredients required.

TMO is operating on the following divisions.

Palmira music

Brand created to reach high level Clientele worldwide with product that can last forever.

Tanga Music

Brand created to reach the volatile teens market full of proposals to be spent "overnight".

Baltimore music inc.

Publishing company that looks after the writer's and performing's rights.

The Creators of Impossible

A new Structure totally devoted to the research and production of "CRISTIAN MUSIC".